Underwater Camera Housing for SIGMA DP2 / DP2s

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June, 2010 sale.

【Standard Features】
Colors : Black、Gray、Red、Blue、Violet、Turquoise、Champagne、Bronze、Green、Gold、Bright Yellow、Orange、Pink、Silver
Opening utilizes reliable double O ring system
M67 Mount, Large diffuser, 2 tripod screws
Two Optical Connectors for INON
Rated for a diving depth of up to 50m (approx. 160ft)
Optical glass : Inside AR Coating
Body: Corrosion-resistant aluminum
Buttons, Screws: Stainless steel
Window, Diffuser: Acrylic fiber
Size: W164xH104xD127(Including controls and lens port)
Weight (on land): Approx. 35.87oz(Including camera battery)
Weight (underwater): Approx. 8.75oz(Including camera battery)
Operating temperature: 0°F—104°F
Hand Strap
O ring (For exchange)
Special grease
Four holes for strap
【Optional Accessories】
Close-up lens UCL-165 M67 (by INON company)
Wide conversion lens UWL-100 Achromat Type 2 (by INON company)
Dome lens unit for UWL-100 (by INON company)
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Double-sealed opening
The opening for inserting and removing the camera is the area most susceptible to water leakage. Our double seal reduces the probability of a leak. Regular maintenance assures you of even more worry-free photography.
Machined aluminum created by
refined, three-dimensional
manufacturing processes
Three-dimensional processing is a refined machining technique used to create metal molds. This technique produces even, smooth surfaces. This method is seldom used in this level, but we carefully machine each product for you.
Comes in 14 colors
Choose from hard alumite casings in 14 rich colors.
Wide range of lenses,
from macro to fish-eye
Normally, the DP1 and DP2 cannot take either close-up or wide angle shots because of their fixed-focus lenses. Overcome this issue by using a close-up lens, wide conversion lens or dome lens, all of which are changeable under water. Use these lenses to expand your power of expression underwater.