Underwater Camera Housing for SONY DSC-RX100 M5

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November 16, 2016 sale.

ACQUAPAZZA has upped the game to make its stylish and highly functioning products even more so!
The APSO-RX100M5 and the APSO-RX100M3 are distinct and different products and cannot be considered interchangeable.
The APSO-RX100M5 and the APSO-RX100M4 are same.

【Standard Features】
Port is Same color as the body
15 body colors
Stock Colors
Black, Red, Turquoise
Color options(After the order, you wait 2 weeks.)
Violet, Gray, Bronze, Green, Silver, Gold, Orange, Pink, Bright Yellow, Champagne, Blue, Light Green
Extended the interval of the push button
(ACQUAPAZZA’s special angled arrangement features even wider spaces between the control buttons.)
The cover of the housing is extremely thick at φ3.2 and uses two oil-impregnated O-rings to resist flooding.
Sliding surface is also oil-impregnated O-rings.
The control ring allows complete access to important functions such as focus, zoom, shutter speed, ISO settings, exposure compensation and other effects.
Mount Base (Can be fitted with an adaptor to fit six types of couplings): a X2 shoe base adaptor, a multi-direct base, a direct base, a T-slide base, a ball joint base M10, and an NA hooking ball joint base M10)
Monitor Hood Rail
(Can also be fitted with an Underwater Monitoring Pro MARK II UNZ-2603(UN, Inc).)
Star Dial
(An original feature allowing easy manipulation even with thick diving gloves)
Two holes for strap attachment (Can be fitted with side strap)
The sync cord adaptor (with two each of φ7-sized holes)
Comes with one INON two-hole rubber bushing for a sync cord
A secure double O-ring seal on the cover. (Type containing the oil)
3 tripod screws
A button shaft is polish finishing
The built in flash On/Off control knob
Body: corrosion-resistant aluminum
Buttons and Screws: Stainless steel
Window: Polycarbonate
APSO-RX100M5D Rated for a diving depth of up to 200m
Size: W143*H106*D128 (Including parts that protrude, all data)
Weight on land: Approx. 776g (Including camera and battery)
Weight (underwater): Approx. 310g (Including camera and battery)
APSO-RX100M5 Rated for a diving depth of up to 100m
Size: W143*H106*D128 (Including parts that protrude, all data)
Weight on land: Approx. 737g (Including camera and battery)
Weight (underwater): Approx. (Including camera and battery)
Functions between 0°C + 40°C / 32°F - 104°F
【Optional Accessories】
Port with the 28LD mount base (Black only)
(The 28LD mount base allows for quick changes between INON lenses such as close-up lenses or wide conversion lenses.)
Projecting diffuser plate (to lessen vignetting when using the internal strobe)
システムチャート ダウンロード
Double-sealed opening
The risk of flooding the camera is highest at the cover which opens to insert or remove a camera. The cover is extremely thick at φ3.2 and uses two oil-impregnated O-rings to greatly reduce the chance of flooding. Additionally, frequent and regular maintenance will allow worry-free operation.
If it come with 28mm wide conversion, there is no vignette.
Other company housings have to zoom 30mm because it causes vignetting if 24mm lens comes with 28mm wide conversion.
But APOS-RX100M5 is a exquisite design and causes no vignetting.
The best wide effect is provided with 24mm lens just after turning on.
(When use UWL-H100 M67 Type1. Image size L:20M, aspect ratio 3:2 UML-H100 M67 Type2 causes a little vignetting even if image quality is RAW. Dome unit is no related with vignetting.)
Flip Lens Adapter M67.
It can be connected/disconnected a close up lens etc. in an instant by using a flip lens adapter M67. It also can use a large close up lens and wide conversion lens.
But in the flip lens adapter by being different to M67 screw and 28LD port, UWL-H100 M67 causes vagnetting.
A large close up lens also causes vegnetting.
28LD port (Optional)
It is a port which can equip with "the lens of 28LD series” of INON.
When using UWL-H10 28LD, it causes no vignetting.(It is the same as the above terms.)
This does not have a difference purchase setup at the time of body purchase.
It becomes an additional purchase.
A color is only Black.
Controls are sealed by two sliding O-rings.
We have used two sliding O-rings to seal a mode dial, a control ring, a shutter, stroboscope ON/OFF, and a control dial.
The shaft has a polished finish.
Beginning with the first model ever sold, the APSG-DP2, ACQUAPAZZA has polished finishing all their shafts.
Grippy control wheel.
The thickness of camera and projection of control wheel are inconsistent.
Therefore it sometimes slips when you try to turn wheel.
The solution is to apply tension and absorb the certain variation of wheel.Because the gum which turns a wheel has a radial ditch and the wheel (projections) matches the gum (pits), it is difficult to slip.
To reduce vignetting caused by use of the internal strobe, we suggest using the protruding diffuser plate (sold separately).
You will get large amounts of vignetting in three situations: the diameter of the port is too large; the port is too close to the window of the internal strobe; and when the subject is too close to the optical glass. In order to lessen this vignetting we developed the protruding diffuser plate. Thanks to this, even when the subject is as close as one centimeter to the glass, the light from the internal strobe will “wrap around” the subject.
Extended the interval of the push button
ACQUAPAZZA used angle arrangement technology and extended the interval of the button.
Although it may appear that the buttons are not all facing in the same direction, they have been designed for optimum ease of use and this in no way indicates a product defect.
M10 Mount
The M10 mount has been expanded so that even without an external hand grip, two matching strobes or LED lights may be attached. Please use only genuine ACQUAPAZZA M10 ball joints (L50 and L80 available).
Monitor Hood Rail
When close to the surface or when the sun is exceptionally bright, contrast on the monitor will weaken and be difficult to read.
Attaching the PRO MARKII UNZ-2603 underwater monitor (sold separately by UN) greatly enhances visibility of the monitor.
The device uses a convex lens to improve visibility, to the extent that even when objects nearby are difficult to see, the words on the monitor can be clearly discerned.
Comes in 15 colors
Choose from hard alumite casings in 15 rich colors.
Stock Colors: Black, Red, Turquoise
Color options (After the order, you wait two weeks.) : Violet, Gray, Bronze, Green, Silver, Gold, Orange, Pink, Bright Yellow, Champagne, Light Green, Blue
Optical cable adapter
The attached optical cable adapter mounts two φ7 of SEA&SEA and OLYMPUS. One an "optical fiber two-hole rubber bush" is attached. If purchased by one addition, the strobe by INON corresponds to four sets. The sync cord does not protrude and therefore does not interfere with the port glass.