Underwater Camera Housing for SIGMA SD15

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Standard Features
Colors : Black、Gray、Red、Blue、Violet、Turquoise、Champagne、Bronze、Green、Gold、Bright Yellow、Orange、Pink、Silver
Opening utilizes reliable double O ring system
3 tripod screws
Two Optical "D" Connectors for INON
Adaptor protector
Finder window unit(INON)
Rated for a diving depth of up to 50m (approx. 160ft)
Optical glass : Inside AR Multi Coating
Body: Corrosion-resistant aluminum
Buttons, Screws: Stainless steel
Window, Diffuser: Acrylic fiber
Size: W189*H168*D141(Including controls and lens port)
Weight (on land): Approx. 133.78oz (including camera battery,M Ring Port, 45°viewfinder unit.)
Weight (on land): Approx. 84.82oz (The camera battery is not included.)
Weight (underwater): Approx. 24.58oz(including camera battery,M Ring Port, 45°viewfinder unit.)
Operating temperature: 0°F—104°F
O ring (For exchange)
Special grease
Optional Accessories
Pick up finder unit 2 (Made by INON)
Straight viewfinder unit (Made by INON)
45° viewfinder unit (Made by INON)
Rear port cap(made by ACQUAPAZZA)
Body cap(made by ACQUAPAZZA)
Holder II grip set (Made by INON)
O ring set (made by ACQUAPAZZA. for Main O ring x 2, for Port O ring x 2,)
Four kinds in macro port (made by ACQUAPAZZ)
Doom port (Made by INON)
Four kinds in flat port (made by ACQUAPAZZ) : Inside AR Coating