Underwater Housing for the Panasonic LUMIX GH5

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20.3 Megapixels, 4K 60p & 4:2:2 10-bit Internal

【Standard Features】
Vari-angle grip
Safety latch
15 body colors
Mount Base
(Can be attached to 4 types of adapters)
Two M10 screw Spacer
M14/16 Accessory Port
Three tripod screws
Trigger type shutter lever
Sync Cord Adaptor
User Manual
A two-hole rubber bushing for a sync cord
Spare O-ring
O-ring grease
Flip lens adapter M67 (using the M67 standard lens in the port with M67 screw)
Mountbase Spacer
Adjustable grip M (Tray by Base GM and Grip M(1 or 2))
M10 Ball Joint L60
M10 Ball Joint L80
Premium Color Mat black (The surface has a high resistance to abrasion and the feel of quality.)
Premium Color Mat black (Port, Extension)
Downloa System chart
Vertical double O-ring
he risk of flooding the camera is highest at the cover which opens to insert or remove a camera. The ACQUAPAZZA housings have the structure superposed the body and cover. Even if it does not closely contacts always, it is the structure that is not flooded. The cover is extremely thick at φ3.2 and uses two oil-impregnated O-rings to greatly reduce the chance of flooding.The sliding portion of the lever, dial and button are also double O-ring.
Vari-angle grip
It can be chosen the optional grip angle like 30°, 45°, 60°, vertical and horizontal. However if you chosen 0°to 60°angle, it become to be difficult to access to the button and dial.
Safety latch
What it is hard to open and close is a weak point of the vertical double O-ring. The safety latch was overcome it by the double spiral cam. It does not have the strong spring because it does not need to closely contacts the body and cover.
New development 100 Dome Port
It features the beautiful high-quality image resolution in every part by the small-diameter dome was developed for M4/3 and APS-C. Only the Dome Port has the pressure-resistant of water depth of 200m. (But the body has just 100m.)
It can be turned the genuine strobe on/off
When you want to lift the upper limit of synchronization for the forced strobe emitting, you can do it with your feeling and ON/OFF dial because it can be turned the genuine strobe on/off under water. (Don't do it from MENU.)
The high-concentricity exclusive use port
The concentricity of dome and lens is high by the mechanism that can be clamped even the flower-shaped hood. The lens receiving catches The lens end and the port leads to the concentricity.