Underwater Camera Housing for OLYMPUS XZ-1

This model carries an open price.
No longer in production(In Stock)
July 11, 2011 sale.

Standard Features
A port is the body same color.
A body color is the lineup of 14 colors.
Stock shade(in the case of a stockout, you may wait for a maximumof two weeks)
Black, Red, Violet, Bright Yellow, Blue.
Build-to-order color(you wait for two weeks after an order received)
Gray, Bronze, Turquoise, Green, Champagne, Silver, Gold,Orange, Pink.
A camera extraction mouth is a safe double O ring mechanism(oil impregnation type)
Three tripod screws(correspondence is possible from simple 1 hole gripto general 2 hole grip)
M67 thread(the close-up lens of M67 standard and a wide conversion lens cling)Since the four corners of a screen become dark, please use it for the Tele side, carrying out zoom of the attachment lens.
Arrange a zoom lever to the thumb side. Thumbable(the operation direction of a wide angle and looking far becomes the display in a monitor, and a contrary)
Mount base(At six kinds of adapters, and an external stroboscope and wearing of a light are possible)(Multi-direct base, direct base, and T slide base,the ball joint base M10, NA hooking ball joint base M10,the shoe base adapter X-2)
Monitor hood rail(UN can be equipped with "underwater monitoring pro for PT-EP01" without reconstruction)
Four strap holes(Pin specification)(equipped with a lanyard and a side strap)(It is also possible to fasten a position to use with various kinds of strings)
Correspond to a control ring
Correspond to the control ring which extract by the mode and use for a ring, SS ring, ISO adjustment, etc.Distributed that operation concentrated on a right hand.
The stroboscope by INON is two lines
The stroboscope by OLYMPUS and SEA&SEA is one line
2 hole rubber bush for optical fibers(It is a product made by correspondence INON to optical cable type stroboscope 2 light)
Stroboscope mask(When using an external stroboscope, I protect the leak of light from a built-in stroboscope window)
Body : meal-proof aluminum
A button, screws: Stainless steel
Window: Acrylics
Finished the 100M waterproofing inspection
Finishing a check of operation in the depth of water of 50 m at the time of a trial production.
Operating temperature : 0 ℃ - 40 ℃.
Optional Accessories
Projected type diffuser(At the time of built-in stroboscope use, even if it approaches 3 cm before object glass, Do not become the shade of a port)
A port with 28LD mount base. (Only black)(28LD mount base is a quick change about close-up lens by INON, or a wide conversion lens)(Since the four corners of a screen become dark,please use it for the Tele side, carrying out zoom)
Double-sealed opening
The opening for inserting and removing the camera is the area most susceptible to water leakage. Our double seal reduces the probability of a leak. Regular maintenance assures you of even more worry-free photography.
Monitor hood mounting groove
Comes in 14 colors
Choose from hard alumite casings in 14 rich colors.
Mounting base that supports
6 types of adapters.
Projection type
diffusion board
Distributed operating system
Zoom lever with your thumb, the control ring on the left hand controls.