Underwater Housing for the Sony ILCE-α7R/α7

This model carries an open price.
No longer in production(In Stock)
April 24, 2015 sale.

April 24, 2015 sale.

【Standard Features】
16 body colors
Stock Colors
Pro Matt Black
An additional Fifteen colors are available on special order
Black, Violet, Red, Bright Yellow, Blue, Gray, Bronze, Green, Silver, Gold, Orange,Pink, Turquoise, Champagne, Light Green
(Requires two extra weeks for production.)
Trigger type shutter lever
A focal knob
An extension key (Playback button)
Monitor Hood Rail
Mount Base
Installation Holes for the M10
Star Dial
(an original feature allowing easy manipulation even with thick diving gloves)
Three tripod screws
A secure double O-ring seal on the back door.
Body construction: milled in 3D of corrosion-resistant, high quality solid aluminum.
Viewfinder window: polycarbonate
Size: 183.9mmW X 128.4H X 94.0mmD
(measuring only the housing body,  with a flat cover and including any protruding points)
Functions between 0°C + 40°C / 32°F - 104°F
Pressure tested to 100m / 328.08ft
User Manual
Spare O-ring
O-ring grease
3-M3 thread
A100M Port FE (SAL100M28)
A50M Port FE (SAL50M28)
2870 Port FE(SEL2870)
16F Extension FE (SAL16F28)(+INON Dome Port 2+Shade 2 Set)
E2870 Port FE (SEL2870)
Gear Adapter
F Gear
Z Gear
Shade sponge
Adjustable grip (with attachment part)
M10 Ball Joint
Slant Cover (Optional)
Works with the NEX Tilt Monitor. While underwater the user can arbitrarily change the monitor angle from 0 °C to 45 °C. When looking up in the water, use the 0 °C setting; when shooting downwards, change to the 45 °C setting. (However, when opening the cover, it will interfere with the monitor cover so please use the 0 °C setting.)
Flat cover (Standard Features)
The flat cover can choose an optical finder.
Since there is no Monitor Hood Rail, PT-EPO1 by UN and Inc. are not attached.
The Slant cover cannot equip with a pickup finder unit.
Port for the E-mount Lens
(Options available for the M86)
The E-Mount Lens is a superb autofocus lens for still and for moving pictures. When used in manual focus mode the assist function engages to enlarge the display, making it easy to adjust for a sharp focus. Special attention has been paid to the fact that the objective glass in the port is true glass.
Any additional orders for ports may be matched to your housing body cover, but there is an additional two week production time required. However, since the two will be produced at different times, there may be slight variations in the colors.
Port for A mount lenses (A16F extension FE, A50M port FE, A100M port FE) (option)
It is the fish eye and macro lens of A mount lens which can do AF. It is a lens group required for underwater photography.
(Mount adapter LA-EA4 is required)
(In the A50M port FE, vignetting exists greatly except close-up photography)
Double-sealed opening
The opening for inserting and removing the camera is the area most susceptible to water leakage. Our double seal reduces the probability of a leak. Regular maintenance assures you of even more worry-free photography.
Comes in 16 colors
Choose from hard alumite casings in 16 rich colors.
Stock Colors : Matt Black
Color options : (After the order, you wait two weeks.)
Black, Violet, Turquoise, Champagne, Blue, Gray, Red, Bronze, Green, Bright Yellow, Silver, Gold, Orange, Pink,Light Green
Extension Key
(PlayBack Button)
Keeping the auto-review function set in the “on” position can result in a shutter lag of up to two seconds, meaning you may miss that important shot.
eThe extension key allows you to turn the review function on only when you want to review your shots, and is in an easily reached position to push.
It is a PlayBack button and has received wide acclaim.
Controls are sealed by two sliding O-rings.
We have used two sliding O-rings to seal push buttons, focus rings, star-dials, etc. (excluding the monitor glass, the strobe window and the port.)
The shaft has a polished finish.
Beginning with the first model ever sold, the APSG-DP2, ACQUAPAZZA has polished finishing all their shafts.
Mounting base that supports
6 types of adapters. Multi-direct base. Direct base. T slide base. Ball joint base M10.
NA ball joint base M10. Shoe base adapter X-2. It can be equipped with 6 kinds.
Monitor Hood Rail
The hood is fully capable of shading a monitor when the sea is bright, and can be removed with just a touch when it is not needed. It also has a magnifying effect and is very popular with those who have trouble discerning small objects on the monitor screen.
(Can be attached to the PT-EPO1 by UN, Inc.)
Adjustable grip (option)
Since there is no finger form in a grip, you can hold in arbitrary positions.
It can equip the upper part with various adapters at M10, M6, and M5.
Installation Holes for the M10
Even without a grip attached to the housing, with these two holes it is possible to attach a compact strobe, a video light or a mixture of both. And if you do have a grip attached, it’s a breeze to connect four light sources.
(for the M10-NA hooking ball joint base M10)
Choose an optical finder
You can equip with 45 degree View Finder Unit for X-2 or Finder Window Unit for X-2 of INON.
Optical cable adapter
The attached optical cable adapter mounts two phi 7 of SEA&SEA and OLYMPUS. One a "optical fiber rubber bush" is attached. If purchased by one addition, the strobo by INON corresponds to four sets.