Underwater Housing for the Sony ILCE-6300

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August, 2016 sale.

”4D focus” system progressed even more.
The fastest response in the world of 0.05 seconds is actualized.
Shooting 4K videos condensed pixels correspond to 6K and 425 Phase-Detect Points AF Sensor is possible.
In order to specialize in them, we did the slant cover that was an option to standard equipment.

【Standard Features】
The slant cover (to be attached to the tilt monitor and comes with a lever to adjust the angle.)
(The flat cover’s choice is noting.)
Three in stock colors : Black, Red, Turquoise
An additional 12 colors are available on special order
Violet, Bright Yellow, Light Green, Gray, Bronze, Green, Silver, Gold, Orange, Pink, Blue, Champagne, Mat Black
(Requires two extra weeks for production.)
M14 accessory port (can be use the air lock system and Nikonos5 pin connection)
A secure double O-ring seal on the back door
The arranged angle of button (allowing easy manipulation even with thick diving gloves)
2-M3 screw (directly set up the micro flex arm of RG Blue)
Monitor hood rail
(The PRO MARKII UNZ-2603 underwater monitor by UN can be attached.)
Mount Base of the center (Can be fitted with an adaptor to fit five types of couplings: a X2 shoe base adaptor, a multi-direct base, a direct base, a T-slide base, a ball joint M10)
Installation Holes for the M10 (For the ball joint base M10)
Optical fiver Adaptor (for use with four strobes from INON, Inc if and only if add a optical fiber rubber bush a two-hole rubber bush unit for fiber optic sync cords ) (for use with two strobes from either Olympus or Sea & Sea)
Star Dial
(an original feature allowing easy manipulation even with thick diving gloves)
Three tripod screws
On-off lever for internal strobe
Three holes for strap attachment
An extension key (Playback button)
Body construction: milled in 3D of corrosion-resistant, high quality solid aluminum.
The body is constructed of corrosion-resistant aluminum, buttons and screws are stainless steel, the window is polycarbonate.
Size: W204.0*H124.0*D124.0 (measuring only the housing body, with a slant cover (thick) and including any protruding points)
Functions between 0°C + 40°C / 32°F - 104°F
Pressure tested to 100m / 328.08ft
User Manual
A two-hole rubber bushing for a sync cord
Hand strap
Spare O-ring
O-ring grease
3 M3-screw
Flip lens adapter M86 (using the M67 standard lens in the port with M67 screw)
Flip lens adapter P (using the M67 standard lens in the 30M, 2870, and 1650 port)
Adjustable grip M (Tray by Base GM and Grip M(1 or 2))
M10 Ball Joint L60
M10 Ball Joint L80
AMRS: the focus ring and zoom ring allow underwater operation as easy as above water operation (INON, Inc. patented magnetic rotary system)
Various Port
Various Extension
Various Z/F Gear
MF Band A
Projecting Diffuser (not to vignette when using the internal strobe)
Body Cap (is used when carry without port)
Rear Cap (protect a mounting portion of body)
システムチャート ダウンロード
Slant Cover (Standard)
Works with the Tilt Monitor.
While underwater the user can arbitrarily change the monitor angle from 3 °C to 45 °C. When looking up in the water, use the 3 °C setting; when shooting downwards, change to the 45 °C setting.
It’s only ACQUAPAZZA that can take a looking-up angle from the bottom of sea that is difficult to shoot.
SEL90M28G、To unit 2.8/12 can be removed with just a touch
They can be removed with just a touch, because the diameter of SB port (M86 port) is large. Removing a lens from a camera like other company’s one, removing a port from housing, attaching a lens from outside of housing, and attaching a port… It doesn’t need labor. (Remove only a port when attach the MF band A to SEL90M28G)
M14 Accessory Ports
The M14 ports allow Nikins-5-communication between the camera and the strobes. (Bulkhead connectors sold separately.) Or it allows connection of the air lock system of other companies
Flip Lens Adapter M67/P
It’s the adapter that desorbs the close-up lens of standard M67 in a flash. M67 can be used other company’s ports has M67 screw. P used exclusively for the port with the large objective glass of ACQUAPAZZA.
φ8mm push buttons
Pushing a button of φ6mm while underwater can cause pain to your fingers so we have enlarged the buttons. We have also moved the buttons farther apart.
Those buttons that were too close to the wall and difficult to push have been moved slightly.
M3 screw for Micro Flex Arm
It is equipped with 2-M3 screw can be attached the micro flex arm of INON directly.
Mounting base
Can be attached to 5 types of adapters. : Shoe base adapter X-2, Multi-direct base, Direct base, T slide base, Ball joint base M10.
Extension Key
(Play Button)
Keeping the auto-review function set in the “on” position can result in a shutter lag of up to two seconds, meaning you may miss that important shot. The extension key allows you to turn the review function on only when you want to review your shots, and is in an easily reached position to push.
Installation Holes for the M10
(For the ball joint base M10) Even without a grip attached to the housing, with these a hole it is possible to attach a compact strobe, a video light or a mixture of both. And if you do have a grip attached, it’s a breeze to connect four light sources.
Monitor Hood Rail
(The PRO MARKII UNZ-2603 underwater monitor by UN can be attached.)
The hood is fully capable of shading a monitor when the sea is bright, and can be removed with just a touch when it is not needed.
It also has a magnifying effect and is very popular with those who have trouble discerning small objects on the monitor screen.
Projecting Diffuser
For use with an internal strobe (for the 16 port, the 1855 port and the 55210 port) Even when the subject is 0mm from the objective lens glass, light can curve around and cause no vignetting. The projecting portion of the diffuser can be adjusted to different lengths, which helps to block the curve of the light.
Port for the E-mount Lens
The E-Mount Lens is a superb autofocus lens for still and for moving pictures. When used in manual focus mode the assist function engages to enlarge the display, making it easy to adjust for a sharp focus. Special attention has been paid to the fact that the objective glass in the port is true glass. A port ordered at the same time as the body will be coated in matching alumite. Any additional orders for ports may be matched to your housing body cover, but there is an additional two weeks production time required. However, since the two will be produced at different times, there may be slight variations in the colors.
Port for the A-mount Lens
The A-mount lens is used exclusively for manual focus photography.
But it has the peaking faction (displays a focusing point by yellow) and the MF assist function (When pushing the button, it is magnified and displayed about 5 and 10 times.), so you can decide a point at will.
However, it uses only center as a 35mm lens, giving you optimum resolution even on surrounding objects. If you have noticed these points in the past, these improvements should be a huge factor in your choice of housing. A50Mport, A100Mport, A16Fport, Additionally.