Underwater Camera Housing for SIGMA dp0Quattro, dp1Quattro, dp2Quattro, dp3Quattro

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Not a Digital SLR, not a film SLR, but with a picture quality that approaches the two!

【Standard Features】
16 body colors
Stock Colors : Pro Matt Black (The surface has a high resistance to abrasion and the feel of quality.)
An additional Fifteen colors are available on special order (Requires two extra weeks for production.):Black, Violet, Red, Bright Yellow, Turquoise, Gray, Bronze, Green, Silver, Gold, Orange, Pink, Blue and Champagne, Light Green
Trigger type shutter lever (The trigger-type of shutter release lever uses a weak spring to reset.)
A focus knob
3-Mount Base (Can be fitted with an adaptor to fit six types of couplings: a X2 shoe base adaptor, a multi-direct base, a direct base, a T-slide base, a ball joint M10, and an NA hooking ball joint base M10)
Monitor Hood Rail
(Can also be fitted with an Underwater Monitoring Pro MARK II UNZ-2630)
Star Dial (an original feature allowing easy manipulation even with thick diving gloves)
Three holes for strap attachment (Can also be fitted with side strap)
The sync cord adaptor (with two each of φ2-sized holes and φ7-sized holes)
Three tripod screws
Body: corrosion-resistant aluminum
Buttons and Screws: Stainless steel
Window: Polycarbonate
A secure double O-ring seal on the cover (Oil-impregnated type)
Moving parts are all sealed with double O-rings (excepting ports and windows).
Rated for a diving depth of up to 100m
Size: 220mmW*122mmH*105mmD (Including parts that protrude, all data)
Weight on land: Approx. 1130g (Comes with dp3Q Port) (empty housing)
Functions between 0°C + 40°C / 32°F - 104°F
User Manual
Hand strap
Spare O-ring
O-ring grease
3-M3 thread
dp0Q Extension (+INON Front Port Dome115 Black only)
dp1Q Extension (+INON Front Port Dome115 Black only)
dp2Q Port (The threaded M67 comes only in black.)
dp3Q Port (The threaded M67 comes only in black.)
dp2Q 28LD Port(Black only)
dp3Q 28LD Port(Black only)
(The 28LD mount base from INON allows a quick change between a close-up lens and a wide conversion lens.)
dpQ F Gear (There are commonly four different types.)
The LSS 2 (LED Strobe System) is essential when using an exterior strobe.
LSS2 communicates to the exterior strobe only the timing of the flash coming from the camera.
At the present time TTL does not work with the LSS2. (Please set your external strobe to “manual.”)
The LSS2 can be used with an external strobe when shooting in motor drive (providing the strobe is not set at full flash.)
Please use your exterior strobe only after confirming that the LSS2 is working properly.
INON: D-2000 type 4; Z-240 Type 4; S-2000
(Proper functioning with other models has not been confirmed. Some other strobes may not be compatible.)
M10 Ball Joint L50
M10 Ball Joint L80
Grip M
Base GM (Generic)
Download System Chart
Double-sealed opening
The opening for inserting and removing the camera is the area most susceptible to water leakage. Our double seal reduces the probability of a leak. Regular maintenance assures you of even more worry-free photography.
Monitor Hood Rail
When close to the surface or when the sun is exceptionally bright, contrast on the monitor will weaken and be difficult to read.
Attaching the PRO MARKII UNZ-2603 underwater monitor (sold separately by UN) greatly enhances visibility of the monitor.
The device uses a convex lens to improve visibility, to the extent that even when objects nearby are difficult to see, the words on the monitor can be clearly discerned.
Comes in 16 colors
Choose from hard alumite casings in 16 rich colors.
Stock Colors: Pro Matt Black (The surface has a high resistance to abrasion and the feel of quality.)
Color options (After the order, you wait two weeks.):
Black, Violet, Turquoise, Champagne, Blue, Gray, Red, Bronze, Green, Bright Yellow, Silver, Gold, Orange, Pink, Light Green
Any of these six different adaptor types may be attached to three mount base:
Multi-direct base, Direct base, T-slide base, Ball joint base M10, NA hooking ball joint base M10, Shoe base adaptor X-2
It is very likely that you already own an adaptor that would fit.
Even without the attachment of an external handgrip, it is possible to mount two strobes and an aiming light.
M3 Mount
The Micro-flex arm from AOI Japan can be attached without using an adaptor.
Strobe sync cord adaptors
The sync cord adaptors that come attached to the housing are from INON, with places for four strobes from either INON or SEA&SEA.
(With the addition of one INON two-hole rubber bushing) the sync cord does not protrude and will not interfere with the port glass.
Dp2Q 28LD Port, dp3Q 28LD port (Optional)
All ports are available as optional equipment. It is a port which can equip with "the lens of 28LD series” of INON.
A color is only Black.
Controls are sealed by two sliding O-rings.
We have used two sliding O-rings to seal push buttons, focus knobs, star-dials, etc. (excluding the monitor glass, the strobe window and the port.)
The shaft has a polished finish.
Beginning with the first model ever sold, the APSG-DP2, ACQUAPAZZA has polished finishing all their shafts.
Angled Layout for Buttons
There are many function buttons in the vicinity of the “cross key.” We have spread the buttons out so that even when wearing thick gloves, it is difficult to mistakenly press the wrong button.
The Built-in Grip
The housing is equipped with a large handgrip, making it possible to shoot underwater even without attaching a separate grip.