Our Vision

The Object ACQUAPAZZA Aims.

The sea spreads out beyond the way we go along.

Shortly after our company was founded in 1969~
Our technical expertise was born out of the car racing circuit
in customized race Bikes that win by a crucial 1/1000th of a second
The Riders of such Bikes put their lives on the line each time they race.
The shock absorbers that help keep them safe are a product of our technical skills.

Our design team came up with the idea to grind a 1mm pitch into the front of the axle holder.
This Works race Bike part is proof of our tireless and uncompromising dedication to safety and reliability.
As Riders saw this they felt it was a part they could stake their lives on.
Successive generations of cars making that victory lap are almost all depending on that 1mm pitch.

And time has passed,treating us, other people and the world we live in all equally.
We are turning from the world of the 1mm pitch now to the ocean.

By combining basic designs with a fashion sense in our devices
we are declaring to the world that we are a new brand name.
In the beautiful yet relentlessly harsh underwater world
To capture a moment that may only come once in a lifetime,
we have turned our technical skills to producing underwater camera housings.
We Always Stand with Those Who Continue to Challenge Themselves.

For the benefit of the perpetual challenging people.